They Shall not Perish @ Pierce College



They shall not Perish captures an exquisite historical artifact about the Armenian Genocide (1913-1950). With any genocide, many people lost their lives and family members. The exhibit located at the performance lounge here at Fort. Steilacoom captures the content of the genocide in bulletin boards presented on poster paper, which was supported by a metal stand. Each Bulletin board sets a deeper tone into the event by showing the audience the suffering and sacrifice many men, women, and children have faced during this time. Most bulletin boards contain an article, with charts, statistics and graphics to bring the viewer into the the time which set a memorial theme to the exhibit. Personally, I think the exhibit would be better presented with mellow music which sets an ambiance for any visitors. None to less, this exhibit is really boring but it contains a lot of interesting artifacts that can be presented (and improved) in many ways.


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