Blog3- Preliminary research

As you can imagine there are numerous theories on how (and why) people are generally called refugees.

From what we know, each country has differences (and suffer) from politics, to government, natural disasters, and social conflict. These issues contribute to the underlining reasoning why people to seek refuge.

other countries may suffer from similar environmental distress as well..                     —-   Ecuador earthquake 18 April, 2016

For example, in Ethiopia, flash floods are worsening a drought which potentially environmentally hazardous (NE hemisphere). villagers around the rivers seek help to prevent themselves from diseases.


in the SE hemisphere people seek refugee in result of a social backlash, Bacirongo helped establish the first Indigenous rights organization has seeked refuge in Australia due to rebel activists thus endangering his (and his families) life.

From the articles, there is a huge difference from the North Western hemisphere and the eastern hemisphere due to modern cultural differences which creates barriers among each customs. I have learned that every country has its imperfection but effects on civilians are practically unfair, it is the EXTENT and conditions of these conflicts




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