B4-21st Century Refugees

Cambodia is located in southeast Asia; with neighboring countries -Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Burma. During the 12th century it was the largest kingdom leading in trade, agriculture and economics. However, during the 13th century the kingdom came into decline and large cities and temples where completely abandoned (ultimately turned into jungles-watch tomb raider for reference).

During 1863-1953 Cambodia came under french rule. But soon after Cambodia established itself as a constitutional monarchy, and tried to uphold a policy of neutrality resulting in a failed attempt to prevent the Viet Congs and the communist party to STAY OUT.

Cambodia holds a lot of history and the most recent tragic genocide killing millions.

The main cause for this tragedy was the idea of communism and purifying the khmer race. This was influenced by the khmer Rogue and  Approx 4 million women and children where slaughtered during this time (1973-1976)

This particular group of refugees interests due to my personal connection with this event, my parents have migrated to the United states in result of this genocide and it has impacted our lives in a tremendous way.


heres a cool map:

A map of Cambodia made with 300 human skulls


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