21st century refugee – Cambodia

As I mentioned in my last post, I have lots of history and ancestral connections with this country. However, in this blog I will again… mention the current situation with most refugees in hopes to update the geographic migration of these refugees.

Please bare with me, it has been a long day.


A little recap from my last blog is the khmer rogue which migrated many cambodians to the United States and Australia . 1. We will begin with this (http://fpif.org/u-s-deporting-cambodian-refugees-orphaning-children/) story on why 1st and 2nd generations off springs are now being deported back to Cambodia.

2.http://forcedmigration.ccnmtl.columbia.edu/book/export/html/26 – Talks a lot about how the genocide has determined who was able to escape the war. This determining which families qualified to be shipped off to what country. Thus, you will see a lot of khmer influences in paris and in japan.

3. This is how much khmer culture has impacted America today. http://www.khmerican.com/page/2/





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