Blog Post 7// Academic blog post


Today I will be writing about the Khmer refugees… again.


I’ve found once particular post by a college students whom focused her studies on the mental health/ mental disorders, she conducted a research and ultimately came up with astonishing results. She mentioned various conditions, similar to PTSD, varying to nightmares, sleep paralysis and panic attacks among the survivors. She mentions that most of the work for her research was done by physiologists rather than anthropologists. This post tweaked my interests because the author is targeting an audience that wants to know more- beyond the research. She mentions that cambodians believe that dreams contain  a spiritual and cultural connection and that it is MORE than just a disorder or condition which shows that she is passionate about her work and research.



This second article is a little different. I choose this because of the previous class lessons we’ve had about horticulture and agricultural societies. This blog post targets rural groups of people in Cambodia and how other nations are coming together to gather research and ultimately relieve this issue. This blog talks about two groups of sponsors (the AIDS project and the Cambodia HARVEST) on their efforts to provide Cambodians with nutritious resources to better their agricultural needs with technology. Farming and nutritional content in food is a sparce resource thus costing the country a lot of money to export 80% of their food supply from neighboring countries. This money could have been put towards other advancements and cultural growth if farming communities worked more efficiently and produced quality food for their own country.



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