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Cambodian Refugees Share Khmer Rouge Testimonies For Tribunal

This is a semi -current video posted in 2014 about the survivors of the khmer rouge survivors and their personal experience. According to the khmer institute research each family suffer a loss of 2 or more direct family remembers in result of the genocide. Some lost more, and some families demolish entirely. This video was publish by an activism group to tribute to those whose lives where effected and is directed towards other saviors and refugees to remember back on this experience. It captures the pain and paints a realistic background on the impact and I think the video is well put together.

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uploaded by: VoiceWaves



Here is the second *Testimony* presented by  a khmer refugee to his church to raise awareness. Yuri Sokban speaks in depth about his background during the genocide. Him and his family re saviors of the genocide, and he was in a thai refugee camp before moving to the states. His Testimony contains powerpoint presentation of graphic pictures talking bout his experience first hand. I think his testimony is targeted to missionaries,church groups, along with his adapted religious group of people.


Uploaded by; Amber Sabia

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